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Planning Consent


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Accommodation Schedule
Appeal Decision (Consent)
Approved Drawings
PDF file 2928A_Architectural details_sk001-017.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_001_P3 - Existing site location @ 1250.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_002_P2 - Existing site location @ 2500.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_007_P5 - Masterplan Plot numbers.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_008_P5 - Rear garden areas.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_009_P5 - Building heights.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_010_P5 - Masterplan ground floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_011_P5 - Masterplan First floor.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_012_P5 - Masterplan Second floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_013_P5 - Masterplan Third floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_014_P5 - Masterplan Fourth floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_015_P5 - Masterplan Fifth  floor.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_016_P5 - Masterplan Roof plan.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_020_P4 - House type 1a.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_021_P4 - House type 1b.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_022_P4 - House type 1c.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_023_P4 - House type 1d.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_024_P4 - House type 1e.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_025_P4 - House type 1f.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_026_P4 - House type 1g.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_027_P4 - House type 1h.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_028_P4 - House type 1i.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_029_P4 - House type 2a.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_030_P4 - House type 2b.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_031_P4 - House type 2c.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_032_P4 - House type 2d.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_033_P4 - House type 3a.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_034_P4 - House type 3b.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_035_P4 - House type 4a.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_036_P4 - House type 4b.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_037_P4 - House type 4c.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_038_P3 - House type 4d.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_039_P4 - House type 5a.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_040_P5 - Block A Basement plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_041_P4 - Block A Ground floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_042_P4 - Block A First - third floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_043_P4 - Block A Fourth floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_044_P4 - Block A Roof plan.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_045_P4 - Block A Elevations 1.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_046_P3 - Block A Elevations 2.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_047_P4 - Block A Elevations 3.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_048_P1 - Block A Elevations 4.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_050_P5 - Block B floor plans.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_051_P5 - Block B Elevations and sections.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_059_P4 - Block C Basement plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_060_P5 - Block C Ground floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_061_P5 - Block C First floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_062_P3 - Block C Second floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_063_P3 - Block C Third floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_064_P5 - Block C Fourth floor.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_065_P4 - Block C Fifth floor.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_066_P5 - Block C Roof plan.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_067_P5 - Block C Elevations 1.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_068_P5 - Block C Elevations 2.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_070_P4 - Street elevation - Granville Rd 1.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_071_P4 - Street elevation - Granville Rd 2.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_072_P3 - Street elevation - Granville Rd 3.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_073_P4 - Street elevation - Granville Rd 4.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_074_P4 - Street elevation - Granville Rd 5.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_075_P4 - Street elevation - Granville Rd 6.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_076_P4 - Street elevation - Llanelly Road.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_077_P3 - Street elevation - The Close.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_078_P3 - Square Terrace elevation.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_900_P4_Landscape site masterplan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_901_P10_Landscape masterplan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_902_P6_Hard landscape plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_903_P7_Boundary plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_904_P5_Tree removals & protection plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_905_P6_Tree planting plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_906_P6_Planting plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_907_P8_Highways plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_908_P8_Highways tracking plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_921_P8_Amenity and play plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_922_P8_Parking strategy plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_923_P4_Adoption strategy plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_924_P4_Management strategy plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_925_P7_Fire strategy plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_926_P7_SUDs strategy plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_927_P6_Refuse strategy plan.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_928_P4 - Existing open space plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_929_P4_Outbuildings & storage plan.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_930_P3_Section-Block C.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_931_P3 Section - The Row.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_932_P3_Section - Templewood.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_933_P1_Amenity space plan.pdf
PDF file 2928a_D_934_P1_Play space plan.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_940_P2 - Front garden typical elevation.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_941_P2 - Front garden typical cross section.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_942_P2 - Streetscape tree pit.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_943_P2 - Streetscape parking bay.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_944_P2 - Crossover.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_955_P2 - Timber fence.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_956_P2 - Secure metal railing.pdf
PDF file 2928A_D_960_P3 - Existing private communal space.pdf
PDF file 2928A_SK_0056_P1 - Plot 21.pdf


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